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Make Risky Decisions And Chase Your Dreams

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My childhood was horrible, I don’t remember a single cherish moment of my childhood. It was horrible because of a lot of family issues. Due to some issues we were living alone with my mother, so my mother was a single mother of five of us. I remember the times when we used to skip meal because of low resources. By the time things got little bit better because my brothers was old enough to support us.

I have seen a lot of injustice happening with my mum and I was the one who always raised voice against this injustice that’s why I was famous as a outspoken and bold girl, well I’m proud of that now. My mum always wanted me to study MBBS, but unfortunately I couldn’t passed entry test and I was not wealthy enough to take admission in private university. I was broken because I felt like I’m not good enough to complete my mum’s dream. But ALLAH’s plans are best. I got admission in Nuclear Medicine and Radiotherapy in SIUT hospital. I haven’t paid any fees throughout my graduation because SIUT offers BS degree free of cost the only condition is that you have clear entry test and interview. Four years of graduation was hard, so hard but I gave my 100% in my studies. During my graduation at few times I was so unhappy with ALLAH, because I did’t had enough money to buy new and good clothes, I didn’t had enough money to do all of the things which other students were doing anyhow time passed. If you are from Karachi so you must know the load shedding scheduled, I remember I used to study in candle light, but finally I was graduated without paying any fee.

In all of the times my best friend was with me. He was there always to support me. I did my one year internship in SIUT as a Nuclear medicine technologist. I was thankful to ALLAH but I wasn’t satisfied I wanted to be more successful. I started applying in each and every hospital but got negative response from everywhere because Nuclear Medicine is not very famous profession in Pakistan. I always wanted to work in Shaukat Khanum Memorial and Research Center, I applied there several times but no luck. I was tired of applying but I never give up. One day got a call from Shaukat Khanum Hospital for job, and I was on the 7th sky. I have cleared my interview, they offered me job, everything was done. My best friend was my fiance at that time. I decided to take a chance and moved to Lahore alone. It wasn’t easy, many people supported me, many didn’t. I lived in hostel in Lahore for 8 months, my family and my fiance was with me, they supported me through out. I was pursuing my dream in Lahore. I got married with best friend, we did everything on our own, we did only one event in very low budget. After getting married I was back to Lahore and he was in Karachi.

At this time I started applying for jobs abroad. Because we always wanted to shifted abroad. This time again there were only rejections. But I kept on trying, then I got an email for Skype interview from UK. I gave my interview on Skype and few tests and this time I was successful. I got job offer from UK. But it is a hell of money for visa process and everything, at that time we only 70,000 in our accounts, my husband said to me, If you really want to grab this opportunity we can work it out but it is going to be very tough. I took decision to grab the opportunity, he and me tried so hard for visa and all of the process. Meanwhile people were discouraging me as well but I was stubborn with my dreams and decisions. I applied for the visa and I got my visa in four days. I was in UK to pursue my professional career.I was alone in UK for 4.5 months, the hardest time of my life. I’ve set a house for both of us here. I’ve a lot of things to tell but post is going to be so long, do comment if you want to hear more about it.

Now me and my husband are together, happily married. Life needs struggle, it needs you to make risky decisions, if you are successful you need to choose your second step, if you are not you must kept on trying, one day you will get there. My mum used to say if woman decides something in her head to do then there is nothing which can stop her. Be confident and keep trying to chase your dreams. #ShareToAware

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