How can we love in these times of Corona Pandemic?

What is love? How do people fall in love? By meeting new people, or just on the internet in these modern times. It is intriguing to understand how the human mind works in this regard. Love is one of the most ill-used word in today’s despicable times. The world is ridden with an unparalleled pandemic, such that even our parents had hardly ever seen in their entire lifetimes. A silent invisible killer microbe is on a rampage. And whoever gets it will never understand why he ever was struck by it. And yet, to think of falling in or out of love in these times can be called a bizarre thought altogether!

Just think about it for a moment. Earlier, in the time of social media, people would make their accounts on all sorts of platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. People search for all kinds of things on it. Some look for friends, some search newsworthy articles or videos, some will use it to advertise their products or engagements, a good number even look for leisure or just a source of procrastination or relaxation after a hard day’s work. But, there is a section of people who surf the net with the sole purpose to look for their special someone to share their affection with. For this, they may even go to unimaginable lengths at times. Of course, there’s no denying that there will always be people with ill intentions who go about on these sites. The trickiest part always lies in distinguishing the authenticity of such people. Who is real and who isn’t, what are their true intentions, asking such questions to oneself will ultimately go a long way in avoiding so many heartbreaks. Nonetheless, several of these people never lose their hope of finding their one true love digitally.

Now, the crux of this discussion lies in the fact that our world has completely changed in recent times. The era that has befallen the entire globe now is exceptional. This COVID-19 pandemic has hampered our lives in many ways. The world has seen such an enormous flow of emotions in just a span of a couple of months that leaves me utterly speechless. We’ve seen so many people lose their loved ones in an instant, entire families dying and being buried in mass graves devoid of funerals or eulogies, children being orphaned, parents losing their only child, people have lost their hard-earned savings and even homes owing to humongous medical bills, several of them are dying of starvation as many have lost their jobs, schools and other educational institutions are closed, no parties, no get-togethers, no functions for anything at all, and inevitably there’s an impending global economic recession and yet no one can see a way out even after suffering all of this for the last few months. The medical and paramedical fraternity is overworked, their families distressed, other essential services workmen and women have no means of public transport to commute to their respective workplaces, which otherwise is anyways risky to be at any given point of time because the cases just haven’t plateaued at all, let alone recede.

To add fuel to the already raging fire, several news sources and right-wing elements have used these as an opportunity to spread a sizable amount of irrelevant reports to downtrod and slaughter (both verbally and physically) more of their kind in the name of communism or racism, and yet everybody is clueless how to go about with our day. And still, all that some people will think is gaining love even in all this drama! Ironic isn’t it?

Not that I have anything against this kind of love, but aren’t these times a little too unprecedented to think so shallow?Does love mean only the kind that a human would share with another human out of romantic feelings? What about the emotion that we share with all other people we meet and share our lives with? Is that not love? What about that mother who bore all the pains while bringing you into this world? That father, or even the guardian for that matter, who saw you into this world and raised you to be who you are today? Do they not deserve your love? And to think of your grandparents, if one may have, who gave you even more affection, life lessons and time when you most needed it? What about that teacher under whose guidance you learnt about the nuances of this world? Are they any less worthy? Also, how about your friends (the genuine ones, naturally) who stick with you through thick and thins irrespective of where you are or what you choose to be? The same ones who will be your worst critics, but also your best well-wishers at the same time? Are they any less deserving of your love? What about all those essential workers- unselfish healthcare professionals, police, sanitation workforce etc. who work for hours on end, even in such risky situations? What would you call that if not their love for humanity?


So many times, we fail to understand why we are here. We never contemplate the purpose of our creation. I always ask my audiences in my motivational talks one simple question. Are we here to just marry, raise a family, pay bills and die? Essentially, that gets everyone thinking in the lines of a higher resolute. There is absolutely some or the other reason why we are made. The answer to our being lies in searching for our destiny. And if there’s no love or goodness in it, that would not serve anybody anything. To love and be loved is a necessity of our species. And to show love will take make our lives a lot sweeter. How about if we take out just a few moments today to appreciate what The Creator has gifted us with? Whatever little it may be, everybody many not have everything, but we do have something which some other person may lack in his life. There’s a cliché example for this which you all may have heard. The boy who lamented that he didn’t have proper shoes, until he saw another boy with no feet. Not to sound too preachy here, but it does make sense, isn’t it?

So let us make a little effort today to show our love to all those who really deserve it, all this while maintaining the necessary precautions prescribed in these Corona times. If you have parents, grandparents, or guardians, do a little something for them today out of the blue like a thank you note or preparing their special food to show them how much they mean to you. Sometimes even a little gesture will bring tears to their eyes and maybe even yours. Send across a little message via those same social media platforms to your friends, cousins, relatives and even spouses (who may be away due to lockdown or travel restrictions) that despite all the social distancing and infrequent meets, you hold them in your heart forever and are grateful for all the love you’ve received from them so far.

To your teachers, you can mail or text them to say how grateful you are for all the wonderful things you’ve learnt from them, their nurturing and how significant it proves to you in today’s times. And for all those essential services workers, try uploading a general status or a story on your social media, or even a direct message to all those you may personally know, just to thank them for their unrelenting efforts and dedication in the name of humanity. This will do a great deal in keeping them motivated in their lives while fighting this battle every day. Who doesn’t like a little dose of love and appreciation in such desperate times? Doubtlessly, you can then definitely include your romantic interests alongside all this to complete the entire framework of your love. But just concentrating on the latter would leave so many admirable people unthanked and unloved for all that they may have done for you all along.

This is not all, there are numerous other ways in which you can do this. You can get creative and send tiny gifts or vouchers to show your love, write a blog about their love, sacrifices, etc or just start a vlog, all of which can easily done from the confines of your home without violating any rules, regulations or social norms. Don’t wait for birthdays or anniversaries, father’s mother’s, doctor’s or teacher’s day to show your gratefulness. No one knows what might happen the next second. So just do it now, while remembering to be genuine, and the world is yours to conquer!

I am sure you will agree that there will always be people who humiliate and spread negativity, sometimes even for no damn reason, but if you ignore them and become of those who actually spreads genuine love and goodness, it will not only raise your honour amongst your people, but also consolidate your good-will in the eyes of your fellow humans! Believe me, there will be so many people you would bring a lovely smile to with just these simple gestures. And the best part is, its all in the name of love! All in all, wholesome compassion and kindness towards everyone is the key to living harmoniously while travelling through this unpredictable journey we call life!

This article is written by Dr. Aafreen Kotadiya

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Dr. Aafreen Kotadiya

Dr. Aafreen Kotadiya, is an MD by profession and a thinker by passion. She is also an excellent motivator, a mother, and a philanthropic personality. Having delivered several motivational talks in different educational institutions and corporates, she continues her earnest efforts to raise awareness regarding burning issues around the globe. Her sole aim is to spread more and more goodness in the world in order to make it a much better and a safer place to live for all.
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