I called him and bought one, his face brightened.

Bought the Chana Chaat (fresh and by fresh I mean very fresh and hygienic too as it was in a zip locked bag with a plastic spoon) for Rs-20 only from this kid in front of Imtiaz Super market, Gulshan

While waiting for my mom to bring the car from parking, i was observing this 10/11 year old kid wandering here and there and asking people to buy chaat from him. There were about 15,16 packets of chaat in total. Nobody spared a second glance at him. He looked sad. I called him and bought one, his face brightened. Upon asking i came to know that he’s the eldest son of the family and has three younger sisters. His mother prepares the chaat while he sells it and that’s how they run the family.

If you happen to visit that area please buy a packet or two from him, the joy on his face will make your day.

-Irum Shah Kazmi

Editorial Staff

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