Sana, bringing glimmer of hope for Hazaras

Inspiring story of Hazara student admitted to Harvard University bringing glimmer of hope for Hazaras in a week when community is shaken with yet another targeted terrorist attack in which at least 20 people were killed and 48 injured in Quetta’s Hazarganji market on Friday morning.

A report released by the National Commission for Human Rights (NCHR) last year stated that 509 members of Hazara community were killed and 627 injured in various incidents of terrorism in Quetta from January 2012 to Dec 2017.

Sana Batool is the first Hazara girl from Quetta to attend a medical school in the US. She is also the first in her immediate family to attend college. This fall she will head to Harvard Medical School in the fall.

A girl from the minority Hazara community in Quetta, Sana Batool, was recently awarded a fellowship in Medicine at Harvard Medical School under the Paul and Daisy Soros fellowship for New Americans.

Sana has received one of the nation’s most prestigious academic honors. A Harvard Medical School student and an admitted HMS student are among 30 recipients of 2019 Paul and Daisy Soros Fellowships for New Americans, a graduate school program for immigrants and children of immigrants. Selected from an applicant pool of 1,767 for their potential to make significant contributions to United States society, culture or their academic fields, each recipient will receive up to $90,000 in funding for the graduate program of their choice.

Sana Batool also has five peer-reviewed publications in biochemistry. Her awards are:

1) Harvard Medical School Dean’s Reach scholarship

2) 2019 Jonas E. Salk scholar

3) Excellence in civic engagement and commitment award at Lehman College

4) St. George’s Society scholar

5) Sigma Xi

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