China ends Wuhan Coronavirus lockdown after 77 days

The months-long complete lockdown in the Chinese city of Wuhan where the coronavirus pandemic started has lifted and it has opened its doors again.

After emerging from a 77-day lockdown, flights have resumed, businesses are reopening, families start to reunite, and traffic jams return to the streets where 11 million people had been shut-in.

Wuhan is still trying to detect cases of new infection in people who carry the virus but show no outward signs of being ill. These so-called “asymptomatic” cases are now believed to have played an outsized role in the epidemic’s stealthy spread.

This is how people of Wuhan celebrated and welcomed the decision of China’s government to end lockdown caused by the Coronavirus epidemic.

Around 65,000 people believed to have left the city within hours of restrictions being lifted.

In the people’s mind, the origin story of Coronavirus seems well fixed: The Coronavirus, which has now infected more than 1.4 million people in at least 184 countries and territories, including more than 88,000 deaths, originated from now world-famous Huanan seafood market in Wuhan, the Chinese city where the first COVID-19 cases were reported.

There is still uncertainty about several aspects of the Coronavirus/COVID-19 origin story that scientists & experts are trying hard to unravel.

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