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I have always been this passionate and ambitious girl who wanted to do something, who wanted to build her name.

Here’s a story of every other Pakistani girl alive on this planet. She’s lively. She’s, smart, young and too ambitious to do something with her life wanting to make everyone proud. But she’s too scared. Scared from the society, cared of what people will think of her, scared of every damn thing. And most of all, the failures. When she doesn’t know it’s the failure that’s gonna make her a stronger and a better person.

Today, I want to share my story with an aim to inspire someone who’s starting out, or just there, or losing the hope. I, Amna Anis, was an average girl just kidding. I have always been too extra who belonged to a good well off family. I have always been this passionate and ambitious girl who wanted to do something, who wanted to build her name. Just like every other girl today dream of. My passion made me learn new things all the time. I was just going with the flow never really understanding where exactly will I end up. Just when I was getting done with my A Levels I decided to start my Blog. I was too scared to give it a try. Too damn scared to see how people would react to it. What my parents would say about it. With constant arguments going inside me, I took this really bold step and eventually started my Blog.

I heard a lot of weird things about me, The rumors, the fun that was made, and so much more painful things I don’t wanna recall. And that’s what made me a stronger person and who I’m today. My mom has always been a constant support and she too wasn’t sure of my choice. My dad however, had been really happy with the step that I took. I realised it’s high time that I forget what anybody think about me and focus on myself. Success is the best revenge I wanted to take from the society and everyone. Fast Forward to today, I’m just 20 years old and I’m one established Freelancer, Digital Marketer, Content Writer and a successful Blogger. Today, I earn more than an average Pakistani men and pay for my own expenses (yes, I pay my own University Fee too). Alhamdullillah.

Today, I am an instructor (for short course) at a well known university when I myself am a 2nd year university student. And i still have so much left to achieve. I told you I’m not an average girl, I’m EXTRA. I converted every “You can’t do it” to “I can do it and I’ll nail it”. The same people who once cat called me, made fun of me, left me, tell people how I am/was their friend. Listen to my success stories. Ask me how to earn. And surprisingly, want to become like me. Oh and My parents are the Proudest!

Moral of the story, believe in yourself. Love yourself. If you can’t do it no one else will. Success is the best revenge you can take from anyone. Masha Allah, Alhamdullillah & appreciation from your side would be appreciated! #ShareToAware

-Submitted to “Share To Aware” by Amna Anis.

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