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After my father’s demise, I got to see the real faces

After my father’s demise, I got to see the real faces of people. Those who were always beside us during our good times left us in lurch during the time we needed them the most.

As a result, I couldn’t perform well in my studies initially. I still remember during my intermediate times my principal called me and said, “It would be a huge shock for me if you somehow end up passing the upcoming send-ups. Think what your father would have felt if he was alive to see your careless behavior during the most crucial time of your life.”

Her statement hit me up hard. I took it as a challenge and proved her wrong by becoming one of the top scoring students at my college back then. Ever since then I have been doing everything which people said I won’t be able to, no matter what. But at the same time, I am keeping in mind the fact that I only have to do the things that are good for me as well, at the end of the day.I got into Kinnaird. I made it to Kinnaird’s student council. I am getting married to someone who has always loved me even when I was at my worst. He turned out to be a totally different person than what people labelled him as.He took stand for me when everyone else assumed he wouldn’t. People are always going to say something. You have to decide who are the ones that really matter. That are worth keeping and paying attention to.

Life has its own ways of teaching you lessons, you wouldn’t have learnt otherwise.Over the years it has made me a whole new person, one thing which has helped me to make this journey we call ‘life’ easy is to take every negative opinion that people or society throw your way as a challenge and prove them wrong but at the same time making sure that things you do make you happy. Your happiness and mental peace matters the most. The day you will decide to make everyone happy is the day you would lose your own.

Written by Wahee Amjad (Humans of Kinnaird)

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