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Disarmament-the key to world peace.

The fields that once had lush green grass turned into a barren land. The big blue painted sky that waited behind the cotton-like clouds is now covered by dark grey clouds of smoke. The wisps of grey smoke dancing its way out through hazel air. The smoke swirled up into the lungs of people as they breathed heavily. Everything around turned into a deathly-arena. It was now a graveyard for the unburied.

This is a scene from a deathly battlefield showing that the need for a culture of peace and for significant arm reduction worldwide has never been greater. Of about 640 million licensed firearms world wide, roughly two-thirds are in hands of civil society. In 2010 the military expenditures exceeded $1.5 trillion. Weapons no matter what kind, causes mass destruction. They don’t get to choose what gets whipped out and what not; they simply destroy. Bearing the witness of all the tragic incidents when these weapons caused mass destruction and bloodshed, we now have an opportunity of changing the scenario of war by simply disarming. As humans we get into conflicts but we all share a right to live on this planet Earth. We need to resolve our conflicts by better ways rather than causing this much bloodshed. Our conflicts should never harm others as they are between us and only us, but by using these nuclear weapons we are inflicting suffering on our Nature. We turn the zones inhabitable at least by human standards; Chernobyl and Red Forest are huge examples.

So first we need to work on eliminating nuclear weapons, next biological and chemical weapons, then offensive arms and finally defensive ones. This arms race that’s going around the world since ages poses a great threat to global peace. Once we overcome the use of these weapons there will be fewer terrorist tactics and fewer destruction. There will be less chances of weapons falling into wrong hands.

Through this disarmament every human being is expected to live a peaceful and wealthy life. Military ammunition developments incur a lot in terms of economy. The same money could be used for the welfare of people. This money could be utilized in building schools and hospitals for people. We need to understand the fact that today the most urgent crisis of the world is starvation and we don’t need these weapons to make it worse but instead we could use this money to eradicate poverty and hunger.

We all want peace. Everyone dreams of living in a peaceful world where there is no threat to their lives and there’s no doubt that world wide disarmament can make this long nurtured dream to come true.

Written by Momina Zameer 
Angels International College

Editorial Staff

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