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Adoption Is Not Really A Bad Thing, It Is A Blessing

I was 3 month old when I was adopted. I was 10 days old when my mother left me. As I was growing up, I realised that everybody around me would take adoption as omen, when everytime I mentioned that I was “adopted”.

I still remember the time when I was in my 3rd grade and I told my best friends about it, and one of them when we had a fight, yelled and said ” I will tell everybody that you’re adopted” ofcourse people then came to know about it and frankly speaking, I hated that!

Till I passed my 10th grade, I would almost everyday have random people asking me if I was adopted and when I said yes, they would give me a terrible look, because of which I would always be down or ashmed when I shared about my adoption.

I could say that somewhere that did affect me… But my family loved me so much that they did their best , that I could never say that I was adopted. They turned that negative word into a positive one. My dad always told me which has stayed with me forever : “It’s not we who have adopted you, but you who have adopted us”
I always wondered how my elder brother (not adopted) managed to take care of me and love me so much, I once asked my mum, that “What did you guys tell him or how did you manage to handle his feelings?” Mum said that before getting me home, they would get some time with my brother and tell him that, He had to love me more since I needed it, to always protect me, and be with me the whole time, and all this he grasped at the age of 3!!!” And my family till now, never ever fails to do so…

Above all I believe God does have plans in everyone’s lives, maybe it not the way how you want it to be but that’s what’s best!

Today, I can proudly say that I’m adopted and the only purpose I do so, is to tell the world that adoption is not really a bad thing, its a blessing: to the child whom you’re adopting and also for the family.

Written by Shikha Lagali

Editorial Staff

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