Sitara Barooj an exemplary girl

Sometimes, you just want to give people a shut up call who fancy their kids over “passing” their annual exams. Bringing them up in the midst of monetary pampering and materialistic aspirations, regardless of all the trouble it can create in the foreseeable future. You think to yourself that it’s not enough when there are kids in our country and beyond, doing so much more than just “passing exams”.

Fact be told, its no prime objective and shouldn’t be for parents to push their kids through their breaking point just so they give them the kind of grades that are to be boasted about, anywhere and everywhere. Talent outgrows all forms of failures if its there. Even if it is undiscovered, it has all the tendency to break past formidable barriers and outshine for the World to see and acknowledge. Therefore, defining a pre made goal to our kids as being the utmost purpose of their lives is cruel, inhumane. Although, what we could use is an example to provide inspiration to them that drives the very best in them.

One such exemplary girl lives right in this homeland of ours. Sitara Brooj Akbar, the female holder of both Pakistani and World records. She achieved international fame when she broke the World record for youngest student to take the O level examination and IELTS. She is the youngest Pakistani student to have appeared in both tests. Between ages of 9 and 11, the gifted little girl cleared Chemistry, Biology, English and Mathematics while bagging a remarkable result at such a tender age.
In one of her TV channel appearances, she mentioned the dislike of her teachers towards her and her excessive questioning. Apparently, our obsolete methods of studies don’t appreciate inquisitiveness from students, framing it as a disturbance for the rest of the kids in class. This might have discouraged Sitara (initially) for she scored the lowest marks in her class. Therefore, only after 2nd Grade, her parents took responsibility of teaching her privately, at home. And the consistent effort from herself and her parents provided her all the confidence she needed.

Akbar’s name reappeared in the news and the list of World Record Holders when she was permitted by the British Council to appear in International English Language Testing System (IELTS) in 2011. She is youngest ever candidate of IELTS. Scoring a 7 out of 9 bands, she managed to make Pakistan proud once again.

Sitara Brooj Akbar belongs to a simple Ahmadi family from a small town, Rabwah. She is truly a living example of how determination can help you aspire and soar higher than your conscience can believe. So it’s not just about passing exams, it’s about setting an example. Making your country proud.

Minal Maqbool Malik 
Punjab College for Women

Editorial Staff

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